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Lynne Mitchell Foundation Announces 2023 Scholarship Recipients


Lynne Mitchell Foundation Awards Over Three Million Jamaican Dollars in Scholarships to Jamaican Students.


Lynne Mitchell Foundation is excited to announce the ten Jamaican students who were chosen to receive over $3,000,000 Jamaican Dollars in scholarships from the Lynne Mitchell Foundation 2023 Scholarship Program! This year, three scholarships were provided by the Foundation's General Scholarship Fund and seven were provided by individual donors, each honoring the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Each of the ten winners will receive between $295,000 (JMD) and $738,000 (JMD) to help with expenses at the educational institution of their choice beginning as early as this August.

The ten winners were chosen based on academic achievement, extra-curricular and community involvement, letters of recommendation, and overall character. Applicants were also asked to submit an essay about how they would strive to create a better world.



The scholarship award recipients include:

Trishelle Gooden and Chrisanne Atkinson, winners of the Lynne Mitchell Memorial Scholarship, donated by Marlene Gordon in memory of her mother, Lynne Mitchell.

Alton Roberts, winner of the Eleanor Hansell Memorial Scholarship, donated by Barry Blum in memory of his elementary school teacher, Eleanor Hansell

Dwayne Blake and Jordan Binns, winners of the Norman J. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship, donated by Heather Philip, in memory of her mother, Lorna Pearl Philp and also donated by Chanteya Lawrence in memory of her father, Norman J. Lawrence.

Dominic Coburn, winner of the Sylvia Gordon Memorial Scholarship, donated by Charles Gordon in memory of his mother, Sylvia Gordon.

Serena Williams, winner of the Rama H. Rawal Memorial Scholarship, donated by Raj Rawal in memory of his mother, Rama H. Rawal.

"We extend huge congratulations to our 2023 scholarship winners. It is with a great deal of joy that we provide these scholarships to help support the educational journey of these highly accomplished and well deserving students," said Marlene Gordon, President & Founder of the Lynne Mitchell Foundation. "We were blown away by their outstanding academic achievements, strong commitment to extra-curricular and community activities, and well articulated essays outlining their career aspirations and how they will strive to create a better world."

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