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Congratulations Graduates! LMF Celebrates its 2022 Graduates

Founded on the premise that children should not fail in school or in life because of their social circumstances, Lynne Mitchell Foundation works to change the future of underserved children in Jamaica by investing in their education. Since its inception in 2012, Lynne Mitchell Foundation has invested in the education of Jamaican children by providing resources such as school infrastructure improvements, computers, furnishings, scholarships, school supplies, uniforms, transportation and meals totaling more than USD $389,000. We are excited to celebrate with our scholarship recipients when they achieve important milestones.

Congrats to Ashanique!

In 2013, Ashanique was one of two students to receive the very first Lynne Mitchell Foundation Scholarship grant to attend the prestigious Hampton High School for girls in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Since that time, Ashanique has excelled, successfully completing Hampton and then going on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies with an emphasis in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Jamaica. Throughout high school and university, Ashanique maintained a high GPA. Ashanique made the the Dean's List every year in University. The scholarship grants provided by the Lynne Mitchell Foundation removed the burden of worrying about how she would meet her educational expenses and allowed Ashanique to focus on her studies. The Lynne Mitchell Foundation has been there for Ashanique over the last 9 years providing her with the financial means to pay for school supplies, including books, uniforms, a laptop computer, as well as, tuition, fees, transportation and housing expenses while living away from home at university. We are extremely proud of Ashanique and her accomplishments and we will continue to stand behind her as she moves on in the next chapter of her life. Ashanique now turns her focus to finding a Management Trainee position in the hospitality industry and we will continue to do all we can to assist her in this regard. Ashanique is truly following in the footsteps of Lynne Mitchell, an executive in the hotel industry, who rose from humble beginnings, excelled in school and was able to complete her studies and have a successful career. We wish the same for Ashanique! Congrats Ashanique on your accomplishments! Continue to soar to new heights!

Congrats to Adrianna!

Adrianna has been one of our superstar scholarship recipients for the past 5 years, receiving financial grants to cover school fees, uniforms, books, laptop, transportation, meals, etc.. Throughout her high school career, Adrianna received numerous academic awards. Adrianna will continue to finish 6th Form at Hampton and thereafter she plans to pursue a college education. She aspires to become a medical doctor specializing in radiology. We are so pleased to have been able to provide her with financial support as she pursues her dream. Congratulations Adrianna. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep working hard and reaching for the stars.
We're behind you all the way!


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