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2023 Winner of the Rama H. Rawal Memorial Scholarship


'I am honoured, grateful, and elated to have been chosen as the recipient of the Rama H. Rawal Memorial Scholarship. I want to express my utmost gratitude. This scholarship will no doubt aid in making my dream possible. Wanting to pursue a career in Animal or Veterinary Science has not been an easy road, and I know it will never be. I have been told countless times to do something else, but I resist giving up. I will continue to work towards what I want to achieve. I will believe and continue to have faith. I was on the edge of thinking that all my efforts this year were in vain, as I have been applying for scholarships and emailing schools and have not received any good news. But this scholarship has reminded me that there is hope; all I have to do is keep on trying. Working with animals for the little time I did had been the most fulfilling part of my life; it was like I wasn't even working. After this phase of my life, I ventured into other things, thinking they could help me acquire funds to push me closer to making my dream a possibility. However, none has been as fulfilling as my time at the Animal Shelter. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been selected as a recipient. This shows me that there are people out there who believe in me and see my goals as realistic. This scholarship does not only grant monetary support to scholars but also hope. Thank you for spreading hope through your contributions to the education of myself and others. '

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