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At Lynne Mitchell Foundation we believe that education is a fundamental human right and that no one should be forgotten.  But we know that in many places, especially third world countries, like Jamaica, life is a struggle.  With high unemployment and low wages, many people live in poverty.  Many schools are in disrepair and students in disadvantaged rural areas have lower chances of attending school.  Change is needed. And we are passionately dedicated to making change possible. We have opened our hearts in order open doors for students who desperately need a change because we believe in giving opportunity to the forgotten. Through our scholarship grants, we help students turn their dreams for a better life for themselves and their families into reality. And we do it only for the sheer, unadulterated joy of seeing them shine as they proudly learn their way into a brighter future.  Through our scholarship program, we fulfil our mission of

Loving Children . . . Changing Lives.”

Our Scholarship

Award of our scholarships is contingent on several criteria including enrollment or acceptance to enroll in university, trade, vocational or graduate school, high academic achievement, leadership, clearly defined goals, the determination to succeed, the desire to give back, the submission of a completed scholarship application and demonstrated financial need.


Scholarship recipients are expected to use their resources wisely and uphold a high standard of conduct. Our scholarship awards are outright grants.   Although recipients are under no obligation to make repayment, it is hoped that once graduated and engaged in a productive career they will help honor the memory of Lynne Mitchell and our other memorial scholarship honorees by giving future students a similar financial opportunity.


How To Apply

Application Requirements include, but are not limited to: Completed application, Official school transcript . A brief description of area of study and career goals.  A written essay must accompany your application.  Selection will be based on the applicant's overall academic achievement, leadership, including involvement in extracurricular activities, clearly defined goals, the written essay, demonstrated financial need, recommendation letters and in certain instances, a personal interview.  The scholarship grant will be provided for the upcoming academic school year.

Application are reviewed by members of the Scholarship Committee, our Board of Directors and the fund donors.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Extra Curricular/Community Service Activity

Area of Study & Career Goals


Essay Question: Please describe how you will strive to help create a better world. This can be through field of study, or personal commitment.


To process your application we need evidence of the coursework and grades you have achieved in high school and as applicable in college/university or graduate school.

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I hereby affirm that the information contained herein is true and correct. I hereby grant permission to the Lynne Mitchell Foundation to verify such information and to release information to the donor of the Rama H. Rawal Memorial Scholarship. I understand that receipt of this scholarship grant is contingent on continued enrollment for a minimum of one year, and providing proof of enrollment. Falsification of any information or failure to meet these requirements will result in the termination of my scholarship and I will be obligated to return any grant monies already received. I hereby grant and assign the Lynne Mitchell Foundation the right to use my biographical information, essay response, and my image to publicize my nomination and/or receipt of this scholarship award, and to promote the goals of the scholarship, for editorial, trade, advertising or any other purpose and in any manner and medium, including website and internet promotion. I also consent to have a copy of my application and all supporting materials retained indefinitely by the Lynne Mitchell Foundation.

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