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Lynne A. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship

Funded By

Marlene Mitchell Gordon

Funded by Marlene Mitchell Gordon, in honor of the memory of her mother, Lynne Mitchell, the Lynne Mitchell Memorial Scholarship awards a USD $5,000 academic scholarship to an eligible Jamaican woman attending university, trade, vocational or graduate school.

The Lynne Mitchell Foundation was founded in December 2012 to honor the memory of Lynne Mitchell, a servant leader who taught that love has little to do with what one says and a lot to do with what one does. She would always remind her daughter, "don't just say you love, show your love." During her life, she used her time, talents and resources to do whatever she could - big or small - to make a positive difference in the lives of others, especially those less fortunate than herself. The Lynne Mitchell Foundation and this memorial scholarship continues her legacy of love - one act at a time.

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