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Claudia Kaye Fennell-Gibbs Memorial Scholarship

Funded By

Various Donors

Funded by various donors, in honor of the memory of Claudia Kaye Fennell-Gibbs, in 2024, the Claudia Kaye Fennell-Gibbs Memorial Scholarship will award a USD $2,000 academic scholarship to an eligible Jamaican student attending university, trade, vocational or graduate school.

About Claudia
Claudia was born on March 02, 1967, in the beautiful city of Montego Bay, Saint James, Jamaica. She embodied the essence of her beloved Jamaica, with a calming and balanced spirit, yet a demeanor that was so warm and vibrant. A natural born leader, she became the trusted support and guide for many, including her parents, her 4 sisters and a host of cousins, nieces and nephews. Her heart of gold saw her helping loved ones and strangers alike, in any and every way she found possible.
She attended the Herbert Morrison Technical High School and Duffs College of Business, where she had a strong penchant for numbers and accounting. During this time she met, the love of her life, Lance Gibbs, with whom she would eventually share a 40 year long partnership. Their life journey led them to migrating to the US, and eventually settling in South Florida. It was here that she channeled her love for people and the healthcare skills, she acquired, to be an invaluable support to countless elderly and sick patients. As their primary caregiver, she became a very passionate advocate and guardian for their wellbeing.
With years of hard work in her area of passion, she continued to be a pillar of strength for her family and a matriarch for her own tribe of 3 beautiful children. She would always reflect on her journey and make an earnest effort to encourage, empower and support the future generation. Her kindness to those in need knew no bounds, while encouraging others to do the little that they can to help better someone else.

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