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Education is their passport to a brighter future

Through our scholarship program, we fulfill our mission of "Loving Children . . . Changing Lives!"

We Are

Children should not fail in school or in life because of their social circumstances.  Lynne Mitchell Foundation works to change the future of underserved children in Jamaica in significant ways, allowing them to realize their dreams and become the next generation of leaders that will make their communities better places to live.

Our Mission


Where We Serve

The poor and rural areas of Jamaica where government funding does not cover the basic needs of each student.

Who We Serve

High achieving students in Jamaica who suffer from unequal access to quality education and who might otherwise be forgotten.


How We Serve

Through scholarships that provide the financial means to attend high school, college, or obtain a post-graduate degree.

How It Started

Founded in 2012, we focused our efforts solely on communities around Southfield, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica providing charitable support in the form of scholarships, meals, transportation, school uniforms and supplies. Our focus was to support Seaview Primary School, the one-room schoolhouse that has served the rural community since 1959 and where Lynne Mitchell once taught as a teacher..


How Its Going

Over the past 10 years we have supported hundreds of students in the Southfield, St. Elizabeth area of Jamaica, including providing scholarships for high school and university.  Now we have expanded our scholarship program and will now offer scholarship opportunities to eligible students across Jamaica. 

Love Courageously

Our exemplar, Lynne Mitchell, would say ‘don’t just say you love, show your love.” At Lynne Mitchell Foundation that is our guiding philosophy. We believe that if you put love into the world, we’ll get more love out of this world. We also believe love has the power to change people’s lives in a significant way.

We aim to change the lives of underserved students in Jamaica who strive to do better but are held back because of their circumstances. Everyone deserves an opportunity, and we seek to give students opportunities through academic scholarships, providing students with the tools, resources, and support to excel – helping to shape the next generation of leaders and love activists.

Your Support Goes
Further Than Ever

Even the smallest donation can have a lasting impact for years to come. Our collective contributions not only add up, but they also continue to change students’ lives in Jamaica.

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