Our Impact

How We Make A Difference

Your donation helps the Lynne Mitchell Foundation provide back packs and school supplies, school lunches, transportation and scholarships to underprivileged students, and make improvements to the dilapidated school infrastructure.  Our charity is making a significant difference in the lives of the children and families that we serve.  

Back Packs

Since 2013 we have donated over 800 Back Packs filled with School Supplies to students at Seaview Primary School.  Your donation helps us to continue to put a smile on the faces of these students at the beginning of their new school year.


Our scholarship program currently provides financial assistance to 12 students, 2 in college and the remainder in high school. Our scholarships fund the cost of transportation, uniforms, books, school fees and expenses.  Your donation helps us to help them work towards a better future for themselves and their families.  Each scholarship is worth at least $3,000 U.S. Dollars per student.

School Improvements

New Roof


As of December 2014, the students at Seaview Primary no longer have to get buckets to catch the water that flooded their school house when it rained because of the old and leaking roof.  This is the first time the roof has been replaced in the school's 55 year history.

Fresh New Paint


This past summer we painted the interior and exterior of Seaview Primary School.  The kids were excited to return to a bright and cheerful classroom.

New Windows and Doors


In the Spring of 2014 we replaced all the windows and doors at Seaview Primary School.  It was time for the broken windows and doors to go.

New Playground 


Seaview Infant School opened its doors in January 2013 to preschoolers. With just dirt at the front of the school, the children were in need of a playground. Thanks to the Lynne Mitchell Foundation, the students received a new playground  complete with swings, a slide, a rock climbing wall, monkey bars, and a clubhouse to help keep them active and entertained.

Lynne Mitchell Foundation Day 2015

In August 2015, Lynne Mitchell Foundation sent a container filled with with over $35,000 in goods for the students at Seaview Primary School.  In addition to our standard donation of back pack and school supplies, we also donated classroom desks and chairs, bookcases, projectors, microwave, a PA system, DVD players, TVs, computers, refrigerator, telephone system, teachers’ desks, chairs, bookshelves, educational workbooks, crayons, markers, toys, soccer balls, tissue paper, hand sanitizers, soaps, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, calculators, laminator, multi-function copyier, scanner, printer, and even a lawnmower!  While we initially had a delay with getting the container cleared through customs, the students, their families and teachers were relieved the day the container finally arrived at the school and we were able to distribute the items.

Lynne Mitchell Foundation Day 2017

In August 2017, Lynne Mitchell Foundation sent a container filled with with over $9,5,00 in goods for the students at Seaview Primary School.  In addition to our standard donation of back pack and school supplies, we also donated clothing and shoes.

Lynne Mitchell Foundation Day 2018

In August 2018, LMF Board members and volunteers visited Seaview Primary School to distribute the backpacks and school supplies to students of all grade levels.  The Education Committee also announced the new high school scholarship recipients for the 2018-2019 school year: Natanya Parchment, Lexon Harrison and Yaneque Daley.  Natanya will attend St. Elizabeth Technical High School, Lexon will attend Monroe College and Yaneque will attend Hampton High School for Girls.  The teachers at Seaview also got a special treat during this visit when the board members hosted a leadership development seminar that included team-building exercises.  After a full day of activity, the teachers enjoyed a group dinner with the Foundation board members.

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