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Hampton High School, Malvern, Jamaica


'I am grateful for the financial support that I've received from the Lynne Mitchell Foundation, but I am most grateful for the emotional support and the inspiration I have received.

Thanks to the Foundation, I am continuously reminded that someone believes in me and is investing in my dreams and that gives me the strength to go on. The Foundation not only seeks for me to succeed academically but also for me to be the best version of myself - and for that I am grateful.

During the challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, I could reach out to the Lynne Mitchell Foundation for emotional support and mentorship - and for that I am grateful.

Because of all the support I have been given, I am inspired to some day help children with great potential who are in need - taking a page out of the Lynne Mitchell Foundation's book.

Thank you for showing me that kind words of encouragement can go a far way.

Thank you for not judging my book by its cover and investing in my potential to be one of the best books on the shelves.


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