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Arthur Artiles – Corporate Chef at MIC Food®

Born into a Cuban family and raised in South Florida, Chef Arthur Artiles was trained at Johnson & Wales University in Miami, where he gained a solid foundation in the traditional Floridian cuisine. He later earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality at Florida International University. With more than 20 years of captivating restaurant-goers in the South Florida food scene, Artiles is extensively trained in New World, Latin, and Mediterranean cuisine but shines his culinary prowess in his Latin cuisine as well as his love for the signature dishes he creates.


Artiles’ joined Norman’s Restaurant in Coral Gables as a pastry assistant in 1998 and quickly rose to Executive Sous Chef within three years. Within the six-year apprenticeship with famed Chef Norman Van Aken, who is credited with placing Miami on the culinary map and “the founding father of New World Cuisine”, Chef Artiles’ discovered his passion for taking local ethnic essence and merging them to create memorable flavors and textures. Chef Arthur was selected by Chef Norman Van Aken as consulting chef in the openings of new restaurant concepts in The Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, The Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables as well as becoming Executive Chef in Van Aken’s Coral Gables Mundo Restaurant.


Staying true to his love for fusing foods and South Florida, Chef Arthur Artiles immersed himself in the emergent culinary scene of Miami. He perfected his versatility as Executive Chef & Chef de Cuisine in various notable Miami restaurant openings such as Chispa Restaurant & Bar in Coral Gables, Miami Design District’s Brosia by renowned Miami real estate mogul Craig Robin, Soleà at W South Beach by KNR Food Concepts restaurant group and Don Camarón Restaurant & Fish Market in Hialeah Gardens & Miami Marlins Park.


Artiles’ then spent five years as a Chef Consultant with Cisca Hospitality, a consulting and catering company that identifies food and labor efficiencies and manages menu mix for food service providers. As Chef Consultant, Artiles helped develop menu concepts, as well as the development of new recipes for numerous South Florida businesses.


Chef Arthur Artiles currently resides as Corporate Chef at MIC Food®, a renowned food manufacturer that specializes in providing tropical food products to the foodservice industry, where Chef Arthur Artiles skillfully combines his culinary expertise and creative insight to serve up profit maximizing solutions to restaurants across The United States through menu analysis and ideation. Serving as the company’s Culinary Resource Specialist, Chef Artiles is a key strategic partner through his contributions in the areas of product research & training, recipe development and customer relationship management services.

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