"Don't Just say you love, show your love." ~ Lynne Mitchell

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Where we Honor a Legacy of Love

Lynne Mitchell Foundation honors the memory of Lynne Mitchell, a  servant leader who taught that love has little to do with what one says and a lot to do with what one does.  Throughout her life, Lynne Mitchell demonstrated love in action.  She did not sit back watching and waiting for someone else to take up the cause.  Instead, she picked up her baton; started her own race; and used her time, talents and resources to do whatever she could - big or small - to make a positive difference in the lives of others, especially those less fortunate than herself.  Her motives were sincere. Her results impactful. On September 27, 2012, she finished her race and passed the baton with a flawless handoff.  The Foundation continues her legacy of love . . . one act at a time. ​


Marlene Gordon


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